Thursday, February 5, 2009


and you know im allllll about the eeeee-zaaayyy.

aite aite, it has been WAY TO LOONG! it's yo boy JM0N3Y again!!! anyways, let me start off by saying that there's been too long of a gap since my last entry so im about to sum it up real fast aite? End of my outstanding winter break, me and da boyz from the 650 and 415 antoine, kenny boy, and tonaaayyy rode down to southern caliiii where the sun is hot and the ladies are even hotter! it was a whole lotta fun. good times tho. it was all good in da hood! anyways. after that piamp trip, i had to drag myself back to the dangerous streets of d-town california. then two weeks later, this thug went to wintervision. PIAAAAAAMP! it was a ball! met my girl michelle quon. LOVE DAT GIRL ON THE REALLLZZZ... and.. then.. dat about it. but let me make a real quick shout out to my girllllll naomi cathcart. ive been tryna holla at dat fine thang fo a long time. (gimme a chance baby. just let me love you for reallllzz). i dotn care what you say, i know you love me. i know you want this. ALLLA DISSS! DONT RESIST THE MOTION OF MY OCEAN WOMAN!

aittteeee, that is about it for now. there would be too many pics and thangs to put up but yeah. anywayysss. dis yo boy JM0N3Y logging out of the blog page! love and peace ya'll. keep it real, follow your heart. find that gold at the end of that gay rainbow. aite aite aite, who am i kidding?! i love those rainbows. no homo. i miss my dbabyboo. also i miss those fabulous frabonis. spoiling me like crazy. love yall. thanks for the love PAKages LOL. YALL DA BOMBBBBB

aite for reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalzzzzzz. i am izzzout. LOLL okay i lied. imma leave yall some pictures. yall know that yo boy JM0N3Y wouldnt leave yall hangin!

christmas eve with the fine frabonis:

socal.. with our (hard nippled) boy marvin:

some sexy time wid my sugapie naomi:

and my home girl michelllllee quooonnn. WINTERVISION BABAYY THATS WASSUPPP!!!

and happy birthdayyyyy JIZ LEE:

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thenaomichu said...

janet pak. please update this blog.