Wednesday, December 17, 2008

walking in a winter wonder hood

it's yo boy JM0N3Y AGAIN! wassup wassup! i know its been a while since ive blogged, but ladies and gentlemen, especially to the ladies, i am back! like my boy bob, dont worry, be happy. well this thug finished finals if ya feel me say chicka waaaaa! yadada ya know, i could have done betta this quarter but thangs happen. mmmhhmm, its coo doh. i got some minutes ahead of my college career so its coo its coo. aww dog, let me mention something to you straight up right now. aite, i aint tryna hate, but my sociology TA is crazyyyyyyyy buggin! MMMMHHMMMM! that skittle is WAYYYYYYY trippin! she got the audacity to grade me the way she did. shes lucky i dont walk up on her janky doorstep and take a dump on her porch. she dont know me! she dont know me like that! i could be out of my nappy headed mind. but imma just brush the dirt off my shouldas. i aint tryna mad trip. aint my style forreals. by the way! for all my christmas suckas out there, i hope yall watch ELF! yessuuh! one word for ELF: apple-friggin-dipppaaaasss! buddy is the man! he DA MAN! that thug knows wassup. plus he knows the big man S-CLAUSE. i aint gonna mess wid dat. i busted my back alllllllllll yearrr tryna lay-away my spot on the nice list. that reminds me of my letter to the big man sir clause:

yo santaaaaaaa!
aite aite aite, lemme start off by reminding you that ive been a good thug. i made my mistakes, i do admit, but to be real, i was good! i was reallllll good! and you DA MAN! plus, seems like youve lost weight since last christmas. you been working out? and i promise to leave HELLLAAAA MILK CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES THIS YEAR! swear on my g-mamas grave. and ill even sneak you some WHOLE MILK! cause i know those other fools tryna play you by leaving you some 2% fat milk. naw i dont play dat. you look good, you can drink whole. and ill wake up every hour and git you a new cup of milkk in case the one before gets warm before you get to my crib. warm milk is whack! its wrong to drink warm milk unless you an infant or stupid. im doing it real big for you not cause of your presents, but cause i really appreciate what you doin, yo career. and cause your presents. well, what im asking for christmas may seem weird, but this is really what i want.

please hire me as one of your christmas elves. please. DAS all i want. some people want LV purses, or ugly uggs, or iPods, or plasma tvs, but im asking for a job... in your workshop... at the northpole, at the mothership, the headquarters

well you think about that, and if that dont work out, ill take a hoodless black leather jacket. yeaaa. cool thanks santa, you is the man forreals. keep it real dog.

oh yeah, i want you to remind you to take off yo shoes when you come into my place, cause my parents are asian and ... its what us asians do. no shoes inside. otherwise you besta crawl. thaaaaaaaas it. mama will murda yo white booty if she sees dirt on the carpet. she'll mad trip.

aite. im out. yo boy and yo biggest fan,

christmas is one of the bestest times of the year! its about to be crackin!! my mama can make some meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn kimchi soup around the holidays yeaaaaah. wassup. did i mention it colder than a witches teet (kudos to my boy NP0W3R).

okay. let me show you whats been goin dooooowwwnnnnnnn in da mallllll!

saw my boy batman in the walmart at dixon! this foo fights crime and shops smart!

then i saw my bboy antoinee on his bday opening presents. homie be balllin up in this heezy fo sheeezyyy mang. he got a korean pressure cooker AND a roseart chocolate fountain. that thug knows how to keep it reaal:

then antoine ate some beef at the outback steakhouse wid his homeboys NP0W3R(NINGERS), tony confucious, DIBS man will, TAMF a.trang, kendra (kennyboy/misosoup, and well of course me yo boy JM0N3Y!

awww maannn! let me introduce to you the newest, hottest band from d-town californiaaaaaaaaa! DAVIS CATS! Antoine the lead guitarist, NP0W3R drummer, and JM0N3Y the vocalist! we are putting together some shows, besta buy yo tickets quick tho cause i know we finna be selling 'em out fast. awwww shooooottt! yea yea, ill let yall know when concert days are. (PIC CREDS TO DAVIS CAT'S MAIN MAN PK! COOL BOY 123! we dedicate all of our songs and concerts to PK, thanks for the inspiration pol)

well daaaaaaaaaat about it for now cause this thug is tired! im finna catch up on some smallville (shout out ot my boy antoine! CK! get money get paid!) season 7 AYE BABAYY! apppppppppppplllllllleeeeeee dipppaaaaas! aitee peace out d-town. keepin it real. love yall.

oh yeah and BEFO I FORGET ON THE REAAAAAAAALLZZ! let me show you a sneak peak of christmas at the frabonis! they are really in that crazy christmas spirit. plus they christmas tree is crazyyyy flipppinn PIAMPPPP!!! SHOUT OUT TO MY HOMIES BACK AT THE FRABONI HOUSEHOLD WASSSUP WASSSUP MEYMEY AND MAMA FRABONI AND MR MAXTOR! I LOVE YALL. AND THAT ALMOND ROCA! YALL DAAA BOMBBBB! aite here it is. lemme introduce to you aaaaaaaaaall the fabulous hailey:

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that was incredibly ghetto, hahah. but very funny hahah