Tuesday, April 7, 2009

does mother nature menstruate?

wassup fans! its yo boy JM0N3Y on the blog page again!!!!! i know yall cant enoughhh. and by yall i probably mean jjust my honeycrumbs naomi cathcart LOL

Well to answer my titles question... i just want to say YES. MOTHER NATURE IS CURRENTLY ON HER RAG! yesterday was hot as ballzzzzzzzz and today its cold as balllzzz! someone needs to get that woman some midol and a cup of milk LOLLL but on the realzz though. spring break was last.... last week and now its a new quarter. i am gonna step up my schooling game FO REALZZZZ. i am taking some crazy whack classes right now, but its cool cause IMMMMAAA BEE BALLLLLLLLLLLLLINNN when im grown. well this is jsut a short entry for now cause this playa playa gotsta write about east asian history, which by the way is plain ridiculoso LOL why is confucius tryna play the people in the future... cause we all know confucius was probably a mack daddy! hustlin all the fine china ladies, charming them with his mustachio/chin strap and crazy hats. all the fly china honeys ALLL OVER THAT!

look up this:


LOL okay... that is only ugly lady tryna get at confucius, but its coo cause apparently confucius paid the woman off in baby so that she would go away! using babies as currency in pretty weird, but then again... hitler was weird too. LOL DAAANG look at that hoochies chesticles! she is really just giving herself away! COVER UP WOMAN! no one tryna get at yo handle bar mustache and wrinkly chest! and take yo ugly midget looking baby outta here! AND WASSSUP WITH THAT WOMANS BALD SPOT! she TORE UP FROM THE FLOOR UP! DANG. we know confucius got flyer ladies than that. that was just a bad catch by the ancient chinese paparazzi LOL confucius probably had a real sexy bowflex bod under that bathrobe.. no homo though.

aite.. i got some homework to do yall, buttttttttt i just wanted to say a quick hello. and have a goodd weeeeeeeek! next time wil be better. love yaalll, keep it real, peace out dtown yadadadaadadadadigamajig!!!!!!! aitee paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayceee!