Sunday, November 9, 2008

it's a thug'z lyf3

this is yo boy JM0N3Y on the blog page! i dont wanna to listen to psych podcast no mo'. man, its a tough life out here in the dangerous streets of davis, california. thugz be getting harassed by education here all day every day, day in and day out. apple dippas. you know, im tryna survive, doing my bit of reading and studying like err thug do. tryna stay out of trouble and get mine. this homie washed some dishes today. mmhmm, cause i cant be having no grimey crib like my playa playa homies back at aggie square do. it just aint coo. mama taught this fool better than that fo sho! right now, im listening to my girl mariah carey. old skoool track. shes my giiiiiiiirl. id hit that once, twice, thrice baby! i want to make a shout out to my boi AnthuGny aka Big Ngo and my playa playa N-P0W3R. we ride til we die partnas. dont you forget it. homies happen. but anyways, you know we homies gotta get those A+'s. bout to be big balla when im grown. yessuh. peace out, D-town, keep it real and happening, follow your heart and i love yall. out!
p.s. enjoy some of these photos. out!

my girls:

my main squeeze, D-baby boo, and me:

told this thug to lay off the crack for a while, but a brother dont listen:

brothers gotta do what he gotta do to keep the ladies comin: